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Marcia Heusted, is a naturopathic consultant, certified massage therapist, and gifted medical/energetic intuitive.  As an intuitive, she is able to follow energy systems in and around the body and then use vibrational frequency medicine, energy realignments and naturopathy to restore balance.

Marcia offers her unique blend of healing modalities in private practice at The Crestone Center for Integrative Healing as well as at the Energy Medicine SLV Center in Alamosa, CO. She is also the former Department Head of Holistic Health, Therapeutic Massage and Energy Medicine at Trinidad State Junior College in Alamosa, Colorado.

A private session with Marcia can be scheduled specifically for any of the following healing modalities. You may also draw upon your own intuition – or Marcia's – to combine modalities to fit your individual needs. 

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Quantum Field Healing® –

Quantum physics has given us a new picture of reality which has a profound impact on healing possibilities. Physicists have discovered that we live in a non-local, non-linear universe; that consciousness creates reality; that reality is created by observation; that reality is undivided. These concepts uncover possibilities for healing heretofore unimagined. The client doesn’t have to be present with the practitioner in order for healing to occur. The practitioner and the client can co-create a reality in which a condition can change.

A quantum field healing® session puts these principles into practice. The session can be done in person or not. Your intention and Marcia’s provides the energy impetus for change in the reality field of the body, facilitated by Marcia’s ability to imagine and observe this change.

Once the quantum healing thought field is created, healthy cell regeneration and/or streams of healing energy are visualized. The cells in our bodies are made of light waves and are always in a state of flux. They are affected by the vibration of the thought field or quantum field. In the quantum field, quanta particles are in a greater state of freedom and expansion and therefore are more able to follow your thought forms, observations and levels of consciousness.

Therapeutic Massage

A 30-minute session may include Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Work, or Soft Tissue Injury Repair. Both can be combined with energy balancing work, if you choose.

Naturopathic Consultation –

Work with Marcia to restore balance, using an array of possible treatments such as homeopathic remedies, supplements, flower essences, gem essences, kinesiology and other vibrational treatments. Each session is individually designed to first identify the imbalance – be it physically, emotionally or spiritually based – and then recommend a restorative course of treatment.

EMF Balancing Technique® –

As described in the Kryon materials, this is a method for calibrating you to the cosmic lattice so that you can hold more of the energy that is truly available to you. This technique will clear past life interferences while activating your future potential selves, via the grid.

Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Consultations –

Receive an individualized session that informs, guides and aligns you more closely with your soul's blueprint and your contract with the New Earth Energy – come prepared with a list of seven questions! Readings are also available for your animal companions.

Psych-K –

Experience a simple and effective way to dissolve resistance to change at the subconscious level by eliminating self-defeating beliefs. Rob Williams, creator of this technique and resident of Crestone, describes Psych-K as a compilation from many fields of study, including kinesiology, NLP, acupressure, Ericksonian hypnotherapy and various psycho-spiritual healing systems

Human Design Reading by Linda Craig

A Human Design reading reveals a unique blueprint for your life. Understanding your design will untangle areas of your life where you experience difficulty, help you discover your true nature and purposes, give you a reliable way to make healthy choices, tune you in to the relationships that are right for you, and let you relax into who you really are.

Fee structure: Short intro session: $75.00 Full session: $150.00

Linda Craig    Email:    Phone: 719 256-4939

Animal Communication by Kay Davis. 

Bringing the human~animal relationship together. Resolving issues with your pet, from physical dysfunction to animal behavior.  Kay is able to read the body's "Energy Blocks" and restore the Natural Energy Flow. In touch with the spirit connection, to allow communication between you and your beloved animal.

Kay has 20 years experience with raising and training dogs and horses.  Her ability to read these animals and help their healing has progressed to reaching out and helping others.

Kay is available for phone consulting as well as clinics or workshops for hands on animal behavior training, and aiding you as well to find your spiritual gift with these wonderful animals.

Fee Structure: Phone Consult:  30 Min  $ 75.00 1 Hr    $125.00

For a private session or to schedule a workshop (1 day), or Clinic (2 day)  Please contact Kay.

Payments Accepted: PayPal, Cash or Check

Kay Davis   Phone: 580-272-7317 Website: Email: